Autoclave repair getinge

getinge autoclave‎ repair

everything about getinge autoclave:

The Getinge autoclave interior provides equipment, bathtubs as well as final sterilization. Biomedical research provides sterilization systems that do not require cage reprocessing. Dedicated laboratory disinfectants provide reliable processes for a variety of laboratory applications and needs.

Advantages of autoclave getinge:

  • High speed sterilization
  • Speed + loading capacity = unparalleled performance
  • Stainless steel water tank with easy access to clean.
  • Safe sliding door
  • Easy connection to external water supply

The Getinge K series desktop disinfectants have such exceptional speed and capacity that one unit of work does the work of two units. Rectangular containers use approximately 100% of the volume when sterilizing trays and cassettes (in a round container, 25% of the volume is wasted space). Process B only takes 25 minutes to sterilize up to 10 trays, or 20 trays per hour. With a flash program for unpackaged goods, it only takes 9 minutes for the goods to be in circulation, so you can drastically reduce the sterilization time of the tools needed by the clinic or operating room.

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