Autoclave Getting Repair

The benefits of autoclaving soon became apparent as it became an important and fundamental part of every clinic and hospital. Hospitals use large autoclaves, also called horizontal autoclaves. They are usually located in the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) and can process multiple surgical instruments in one sterilization cycle and meet the constant demand for sterile equipment in operating rooms and emergency departments, which is why hospitals in Use giant autoclaves. Contact us to repair your hospital autoclave.

Features of a suitable hospital autoclave:
– Fast cycles that make ready-to-use sterilized equipment in a short time.
– Easy to use for user (User Friendly)
– Increased review and Monitoring of sterilization results to establish documentation
– Long service life and low maintenance cost
– Vacuum pump for high speed air movement
– Having a standby mode due to autoclave preheating
– Availability of all parts of the autoclave for service and maintenance
– Appropriate and fast service
– Having the necessary standards and approvals
– Having a sterile program with time variation and temperature variation
– Having a controller with high calibration and accuracy and accurate receipt of sterilization results
– Possibility of installing a printer to complete the cycle documentation with a separate temperature sensor
– Possibility of temperature and pressure monitoring
– Having control Water level (stop working in case of water shortage)
– Warning signs if it comes out of sterile conditions and breaks the sterile cycle
– Enclosure, wall and generator with high durability
– Having a door microswitch ( If the door is open Do not start the cycle)
– Having a temperature controller that will interrupt the cycle if the temperature rises (above sterile conditions).
– Having a safety valve that will stop if the pressure rises (above sterile conditions) .

Finally, it should be noted that having a reputable hospital autoclave repair center is very important.