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Perstige medical autoclave repair

The Prestige autoclave is one of the most well-known podiatry autoclaves used in the UK and has been manufactured by Perstige medical for over 20 years. Part of the new Podiaclave range The Podiaclave 134 is an easy-to-use autoclave that is ideal for a smaller clinic.

Who is medical prestige?
Prestige Medical is in fact one of the largest companies providing autoclaves and disinfection equipment in the UK to industries such as dentistry, veterinary medicine, podiatry.

  • Prestige Classic 2100
  • Prestige 2100 Classic Autoclave
  • Classic 126

One of the most well-known autoclaves is the Prestige Classic 2100. This type of autoclave is a type of pressure cooker and we have been using this model for sterilizing operating room equipment for more than twenty years.

tip! Manufacturers are advised to use TST indicator strips with each cycle to ensure that the device is at the correct temperature. These items can be purchased from many major podiatry suppliers.

  • Prestige Podiaclave 134
  • Prestige Podiaclave 134
  • Podiaclave 134

The model was redesigned in 2009 to change the autoclave setting by a community of chiropodists and podiatrists. The new podiaclave currently complies with a minimum sterilization temperature of 134 degrees, and also has a printer so that the physician can have a print history of each cycle. TST indicator strips are still recommended.

Podiaclave Prestige Features:

  • Round inner basket for storing tools and equipment
  • 134 degree steam cycle in Class N autoclave
  • Automatic report printing at the end of each cycle
  • Start the device with the push of a button
  • It is smaller and relatively light
  • Printer paper roll
  • manuals

What kind of practice is Podiaclave 134 suitable for?

podiaclave is a small autoclave that is easy to use. This machine can sterilize approximately 4-6 sets of tools per cycle, this can depend on the size and shape of the instruments. When using the standard basket in the autoclave, do not place extra tools in a separate machine as this can jeopardize the cycle.

How do you use a sterilizer?

One of the best features of podiaclave is its ease of use. After learning how to work with Autocla, we will realize that this is an efficient device. Steps to use Prestige autoclave repair:

  1. Fill the inside of the container with distilled water
  2. Place items in a basket or cassette with TST indicator tape.
  3. Close the safe door on the device.
  4. Connect the device to the power supply.
  5. Press the start button.

Technical specifications of Prestige autoclave:

  1. Height – 335 mm
  2. Width – 340 mm
  3. Net weight – 5.6 kg
  4. Capacity – 9 liters
  5. Maximum instrument length – 290 mm
  6. Maximum load weight – 3 kg

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