Autoclave maintenance instructions

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How to maintain:

Daily : Remove the autoclave floor plate from the hole in the chamber and clean it.

Wash accessories such as floors and trays with soap and water. Check the generator water level

Weekly: Clean the drain and seams, check the safety valve.

monthly : Change the water of the device.

Every 3 months: Clean the inside and outside of the device and the outside of the pass.

Every 6 months: The device should be inspected by a service repair representative.

Here are the autoclave maintenance instructions:

Daily maintenance instructions by the operator:

1- Check the gasket around the door so that it is greasy and there are no extra particles on it.

2- Check that the water is not cut off.

3- The cup oil of the air care unit should be sufficient.

4- Empty the water in the care unit cup.

5- If you are using a central steam system, remove the condensate in the inlet pipes by means of a condensate drain valve.

6- Check that the pressure inside the chamber should be 3.5 to 3.8 bar.

7- Check the air inlet pressure should be 6 times.

Weekly maintenance instructions:

1- Drain the cup of the air care unit if water has accumulated in it.

2- Fill the oil care unit cup with 40 engine oil if it is low.

3- Clean the inside of the chamber with a non-acidic solution and soap.

4- Inspect the washers around the door and if it is defective or torn, repair it or replace it if necessary and lubricate it with a suitable grease.

Monthly maintenance instructions:

1- Test the safety valves to make sure it works properly.

2- Inspect the filters in the device and clean them if necessary.

3- Inspect the steam traps in the device and make sure that it works correctly.

4- Test the device and fix any leaks.

5 – Test the device and carefully check all the work steps in terms of order and time. If there are any problems, inform the company.

Seasonal maintenance instructions (once every three months)

1- Check the solenoid valves related to the inlet water of the device and make sure that it works correctly and, if necessary, clean the related filters.

2- Check the pneumatic solenoid valves during operation and make sure that it works correctly.

3- Check pneumatic pneumatic valves and make sure that it works correctly.

4- Check the one-way valves of the device and make sure that it works correctly.

Autoclave maintenance instructions every six months:

1- Check the connections and the connection point to the door jack.

2 – Check the pneumatic connections.

3 – Check the air inlet filter and replace it if necessary.

4 – Do not control the vacuum pump and related fittings and lubricate the bearings if necessary.

5 – Remove the washers around the door from the device and clean its location completely and replace the washer if necessary.

Annual autoclave maintenance instructions:

1- Open the connections related to the vacuum pump and wash the inside of the pump with anti-fouling acid.

2 – Rinse the steam generator with anti-fouling acid.

3 – Wash the generating elements and sensors with anti-fouling acid and replace it if necessary.

4 – Check the accuracy of the temperature control device with a calibrated thermometer and adjust if necessary.

5 – Inspect all piping routes and clean it if there is a blockage.

6- Check the accuracy of the pressure indicators on the device panel.

7- Check the settings of the pressure switches for the required pressure.