Paya Teb Afzar Company registered in the General Department of Medical Equipment with a staff consisting of experienced specialists and engineers ready to provide specialized services in the field of hospital autoclave repair, industrial autoclave repair, dental factory autoclave repair, dental autoclave repair, laboratory autoclave repair and autoclave repair It is a desktop.

In addition, the company is ready for specialized, technical and financial advice to buy, sell and launch the CSR department, as well as concluding contracts with medical and industrial centers for autoclave maintenance, reconstruction and overhaul of sterilization equipment, including steam autoclave, ethylene oxide autoclave. , Plasma autoclave, hospital waste disposal device and… announces.

Some of the services that can be provided by Paya Teb Company:

  • Reconstruction of autoclaves in CSR wards of hospitals and medical centers
  • Upgrading of autoclave control system by PLC-SIEMENS and installation of industrial controllers and replacement with old circuits
  • Evaluation of vacuum and air discharge quality and vacuum leakage in Class B autoclaves
  • Construction and installation of data loggers with the ability to draw graphs and storage for simultaneous monitoring of chamber temperature, temperature and chamber pressure
  • Install and position the printer to record the values of each sterilization cycle
  • Compile preventive maintenance instructions daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and provide a checklist of preparation before using the device, daily checklist of end work and recording the records of each device