The Director General of Medical Equipment and Supplies of the Food and Drug Administration explained the new action of this General Office for pricing domestically produced medical equipment and supplies and explained about the use of Iranian medical equipment in the country’s medical market.

In an interview with ISNA, Engineer Seyed Hossein Safavi, referring to the new plan of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment of the Ministry of Health to price medical supplies based on quality, said: Equipment pricing is based on quality, for domestically produced medical equipment and supplies. خوشبختانه از آنجایی که تعداد تولیدکنندگان‌مان در این حوزه افزایش یافته است، شاهد ایجاد یک شرایط رقابتی در بین تولیدکنندگان تجهیزات و ملزومات پزشکی در داخل کشور هستیم. Autoclave repair

He added: In order to improve the quality of these products among the manufacturers of medical goods in the country, the plan of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment is to rank domestically produced medical products based on quality. It should be noted that this ranking also has a direct impact on pricing; Because the cost incurred by the manufacturer to produce a quality product has been higher.

Safavi stated that therefore the price of domestic medical supplies is adjusted based on the quality and rank that the product achieves, adding: This measure will increase the quality of domestically produced medical products. For example, in the field of bands and gases produced within the project, we implemented this plan, and finally the companies that were in the lower quality ranks, tried to improve the quality and made improvements in their production lines to improve their rank.

He emphasized: We will do this with the help of associations and unions that produce medical supplies and with great care. This ranking is done gradually and in groups for medical supplies. We are currently grouping internal medicine supplies and making quality rankings gradually. Referring to the share of domestically produced medical goods in the country’s market, Safavi said: According to some, 70% of domestically produced medical goods are used in the country. In terms of Rials, 40% of the country’s market share is occupied by domestically produced medical goods, which we hope to gradually increase.

Source: ISNA

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