Types of autoclaves

In this article, we intend to mention the types of autoclaves: Before reviewing the types of autoclaves, I would like to recommend to you, dear reader, what is an autoclave article? Read.

Types of autoclaves:

  1. 25 liter desktop autoclave
  2. Desktop autoclave machine
  3. Desktop autoclave with a volume of 25 liters
  4. Desktop autoclave with a temperature range of up to 125 degrees Celsius
  5. Digital desktop autoclave
  6. Desktop autoclave has a one-axis door
  7. Desktop autoclave with time setting up to 100 hours
  8. Desktop autoclave device with temperature increase-pressure-door control protection system

According to the type of tools, autoclaves are classified into three classes N, S and B. This classification is done in order to correct the sterilization function according to the type of equipment.

Class N: Used to sterilize instruments that are solid and uncovered. According to the standard, this autoclave is able to sterilize solid tools without coating. As such, there is no guarantee for sterile coated items such as cloth or medical paper as well as perforated items.
Class S: The equipment that can be sterilized in this type of autoclave is specified by the manufacturer. This autoclave can sterilize instruments without solid or solid coating, textile materials such as fabric, Gauze, and perforated B equipment. An S-class autoclave can be equipped with or without a vacuum pump and definitely has a drying cycle.
Class B: For sterilizing instruments that are solid and uncoated and have a vacuum pump with very high power. Autoclaves in this category have a powerful vacuum pump that can create a vacuum of up to about -9.0 times.
Fast autoclave: 3-minute autoclave, which is a misnomer, or fast autoclaves (Fast) This device is used in places that require less sterilization volume, including medical centers.