Autoclave(consisting of the words Auto meaning automatic and Clave meaning lockable) is a device for sterilizing medical and laboratory instruments at high pressure and temperature using water vapor. Applications  Autoclave in the chemical industry include coatings and rubber vulcanization and hydrothermal synthesis. It should be noted that an autoclave can be used to sterilize instruments used for piercings, tattoos and veterinary medicines. Contact our partners to buy an autoclave and get advice.

How the device works:

The AUTOCLAVE device operates in a closed chamber, usually at a temperature above 100 ° C, at which point it converts water into steam and kills   viruses, germs, bacteria   accessories . The autoclave system works like a   pressure cooker, after placing the tools and materials in it, the lid closes and the machine starts working. Generally, autoclave adhesive (indicator) is used to ensure complete sterilization by AUTOCLAVE. This adhesive has dark adhesive strips, each of which contains a large number of spores of temperature-resistant bacteria. In each series of autoclaves, some special glue is placed in the machine, and if the strips on the glue are completely sterilized, they change color and disappear. The autoclave system also tries to completely remove the air in the device after starting work. Because air is a negative factor in sterilization and increases the time required. You should know that not all medical equipment can be sterilized or disinfected using AUTOCLAVE, and for example, we can mention the isolation transformer, which is one of the most important items in the operating room.